8 Reasons to Outsource Your 3D Rendering Work

If you are in real estate or property management, you understand the importance of 3D renders for selling property. High-quality 3D rendering work can provide excellent marketing materials to attract attention and improve your closing rates when it comes to selling or renting. But, it can be very expensive and time-consuming to create 3D renderings in-house. Keep reading for eight reasons to outsource your 3D rendering work.

1. The quality is better

Architects, contractors, or real estate teams may be perfectly capable of creating 3D renders, but it is not what they do. Hiring a professional designer to create your 3D models provides the highest level of quality because they create designs all day, every day. You can trust that your artist does not have their attention or focus on other projects or industries. If you only get one chance to showcase your property to potential clients, you want to make the most of it with a high-quality render.

2. It takes less time

Professional designers and freelancers can complete designs in a much faster time frame. If you or a member of your staff learns to use 3D rendering tools, it can take days or weeks to complete a single design. Save yourself valuable time by trusting someone who is already familiar with 3D rendering tools and uses them on a daily basis.

3. You can work within your budget

You can find freelance or professional designers to create 3D renders at almost any price point. It is important to remember that you often get what you pay for, but you may be able to save money if you work with a less experienced designer. If you are just venturing into 3D rendering for your properties, you may have a smaller budget. That does not mean you have to settle for poor quality renders. You can find a freelancer that fits your project budget.

4. Professionals understand what you need

When you work with a freelance designer, they are used to taking direction from clients and anticipating client needs. Full-time members of your team may be more likely to interject their own opinions or follow their own whims when it comes to creating a 3D render. Outsourcing your 3D rendering work ensures you get a designer who follows directions. More experienced designers may offer suggestions from time to time based on their expertise, but they ultimately default to your wishes.

5. You can accomplish more

Instead of working on one project at a time, you can outsource multiple 3D rendering projects at once. You can even provide the same freelancer with multiple projects and deadlines because they likely work quickly and efficiently. If you are able to find multiple teams or freelance designers that you enjoy working with, you can have several projects going at once. You will no longer have to wait for one render to finish before starting another.

6. You can increase your profit margins

Hiring a freelance designer or outsourcing your 3D rendering needs to an agency can help save you both time and money. And, with higher quality renders, you can better market your properties. Homes and properties shown with impressive 3D renders are more likely to sell faster or catch buyers’ attention sooner. If you are working directly with clients, you can ensure their satisfaction with high-quality 3D renders. The combination of lower operational costs and faster sales or improved satisfaction leads to better profit margins.

7. You can hire fewer staff

It is very expensive to hire and train a full-time employee to handle your 3D rendering needs. Also, you may not have enough work to justify full-time employment, which can lead to wasted time and money. By outsourcing your 3D renders, you can hire less staff and spend less on training and benefits. Or, you can invest the money you would have spent in hiring staff members that you do need.

8. The best resources are at your fingertips

Professional designers have subscriptions or access to the best design software for 3D rendering. Instead of purchasing these tools and software for yourself, you can outsource your designs. Your freelancer will likely work the cost into their overall rate, but it will still be significantly less than purchasing the tools for yourself.