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Photorealistic 3D Product Rendering

still doing product photography the old way?

Get 3D photorealistic content at scale with fast turnaround time for a fraction of the cost of alternative visualization methods


CGI offers more flexibility and control over your product and packaging imagery. Our skilled digital artists bring in state-of-the-art texturing and modelling technologies to generate incredibly accurate photorealistic 3D images. 

Save Time

Avoid delays in marketing even if the product is still in manufacturing. 3D rendering can help you produce marketing material even if the product isn’t available. It can be a huge time-saver.


The 3D rendering process is cost-effective. You can explore a variety marketing options without having to invest in photographers, designers, location and props to shoot different campaigns.
furniture rendering
furniture rendering


endless possibilities

The only limit to what you can create using 3D rendering is your own creativity. You can easily change the materials, colors and generate distinct backgrounds for different types of users without having to repeat the staging process.

customize your own room scene

Place your furniture and product in any room scene and tell your own brand story. Inspire and help your clients to visualize what it would be look like in their own home.

publish anywhere

Subscribe to our 360 viewer and publish it to your own website. Images in 4K resolution will also be provided so you can use it for your social media account, email campaign and printing. Speak to our team to learn more about the 360 viewer.

EASY AS 1-2-3

We work diligently towards ensuring that our 3D furniture rendering service is as simple as possible and always strive to achieve your deadline.

1. Information Gathering

Send us the product data such as product images, drawings, dimensions and material information so our team can recreate the product precisely.

2. Modeling and Rendering

During the modeling process, you can let us know your referred background, room scene, view angle and lighting composition. 

3. Approval

The images will be shared via our user friendly platform for easy communication and review.

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Content distribution

Elevate your marketing contents now

With these stunning photorealistic renders, you can now promote your products in different channels to reach out to your clients confidently.

We strive to help you showcase the functionality and features of your products in an innovative manner.

Cut through the noise and let your product shine

Our experts leverage the most advanced technology and tools to offer you our best rendering services.

streamline your branding

Make your marketing and branding campaigns cost and time-effective by taking advantage of 3D product rendering. 

Instead of hiring an entire team of professional photographers, lighting experts, and designers to curate your campaigns, simply hire our 3D product rendering company to create stunning visuals in-house.

You can even keep all your future marketing campaigns consistent by reusing the same colors and feel to produce new 3D renders. 

Empire Renderer is the best-in-breed-3D product rendering service provider. There is no end to the variety of photorealistic and artistic visuals we can generate to meet your marketing and branding requirements. From visualizing the existing structures to envisioning new ones, we have the flexibility and versatility to create outstanding imagery.

We have been creating 3D renderings of commercial office spaces, residential furniture, flooring, roof mantels, and much more for a long time now. And we’ve gained expertise like no other. We take pride in developing specific 3D geometries of different furniture models and setting them in proper 3D layouts.

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3D Furniture & Product Rendering

The use of 3D product modeling in business and directly on websites is a standard scheme of all modern companies. Regardless of the increase in the cost of the products or services themselves, this attracts consumers’ attention and increases conversion, revenue, and trust in the brand. In addition, it is better to experiment online than to correct mistakes in production.An excellent level of expertise allows us to be on top and always ready for absolutely any task. Місія команди Empire Render agency is to create unique stories, even with a single subject, to capture attention and fall in love with the right frame.

Using digital and marketing tools of rendering to engage with your audience

Furniture is a regular part of our lives, and it is clear that many manufacturers are eager to show their products from a more exciting and innovative side of vision. 3D furniture or other object rendering brings the best result in combination with the interior, exterior, or architectural design. This allows you to show the interaction of all elements, color, texture, harmony, and style. The result obtained can be easily used on websites, billboards, catalogs, brochures, and digital promotion in general.In what practical cases can the creation of 3d visualization be useful? For example:
  • Show and coordinate with the customer all technical and design points;
  • Visual three-dimensional 3D image facilitates production;
  • The product turns out to be more perfect with detailed computer design: all defects and shortcomings that could cause losses in the future are eliminated.

Do you want to improve the profile of your company?

The variety of photorealistic and artistic visuals we can create to meet marketing and branding requirements is endless. We have the flexibility and versatility to create outstanding images – from the best 3d rendering of existing structures to the creation of new ones.We are always ready to be attentive to a comfortable workflow and suitable pipeline for the client to accommodate all his needs so that he remains satisfied with the final results of service and the work process. The Empire Render team focuses on the technical task provided by the customer in its work. It can be in the form of sketches, drawings, photos, or pictures. Next, a three-dimensional graph of the model is created. The constructor, modeler, and designer are involved in this process. Finally, we provide photorealistic previews to show how the final product will look.It’s important to realize that the process of visualization is very creative, and that’s why corrections and improvements are inevitable. Our work is very responsible and time-consuming, accordingly, its cost is formed based on the brief, technical requirements, and other wishes. If you have any questions, contact our manager in a convenient way for you. You will receive a price for services after providing the input materials. We always look forward to successful cooperation.