Content Management

All your assets are right at your fingertips.

Our content management system is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to streamline their digital content management, improve their workflow, and better connect with their customers. And best of all, it comes with all of our services.*

*Select features are only available to 360 Viewer subscribers.

Store and review projects

Everything in one place and no more back-and-forth emailing. You can view your projects in your own private profile. Our CMS is organized and user-friendly.

Comment on images with built-in tools

There’s no need to edit images in third-party software just to leave a few comments – you can easily view and edit images directly on our platform with built-in tools:

  • Mark up pen tool
  • Comment section
  • Color correction
  • Upload attachments

Quickly edit images with basic editing functions

The color correction function allows you to make changes to the Hue, Saturation and Brightness of the images yourself, so you can show us exactly how you want an item to look – leaving little room for error.

Approve or amend quickly and easily

Leave us a comment in the CMS and we will fix any issues. If you are happy, just click approve, then the final render will be processed as soon as possible.

Download images of your 360° model*

Download the still images in any angles of your 360 models because it is yours. Use them on your social media, website and more!

*This feature is only available to our 360° Viewer service subscribers.

Manage assets in your own library

You can update your assets and stocks anytime, such as opt-in or out your seasonable items, add new products to your website or remove the outdated products.

Securely store and host your content online

Your contents will be stored in the Amazon Web Service (AWS), which is the most flexible, secure and the fastest cloud storage service available today. It satisfies the security requirements even for the military, global banks and other high-sensitivity organisations, so your materials are safe with us.

Analyze performance with Google Analytics

Powerful data is available to you anytime. With the ER 360 viewer connecting to Google Analytics, you can understand your customer’s behavior better by receiving information like click rate and traffic on any particular product.

Take control of your content with our powerful CMS - seamlessly integrated with our top-tier rendering services.