How Much Does 3D Rendering Cost?

If you are in real estate or property development, 3D rendering has likely come up on your radar a few times. With 3D renders, you can showcase a project, even if it is currently unfinished. 3D rendering can be used as a powerful marketing tool, a way to spot potential problems early on, and a unique visualization method for a project in progress.

But, does 3D rendering come with a high price tag? The money put into developing a quality 3D render must be justified by the potential gain it can provide. Hiring someone to develop 3D renders in-house is only necessary if you manage many unfinished projects at once. Otherwise, real estate professionals tend to outsource 3D render projects to save time and money. Keep reading to learn more about how much it costs for 3D rendering.

What determines the price of a 3D render?

When working with an agency, there are many factors that go into the final price of 3D rendering. An agency or freelance designer often bases the cost on the hours of work involved, how large the final render is, and the scope of work for the project. If you are ordering multiple images or renders, you may be able to lower the price per render. In some cases, supplying the designer or team with substantial files and information ahead of time can also help lower the cost of a 3D render by reducing the time and effort needed to produce a rendering.

Be aware that requesting changes to the 3D render may result in additional costs. A designer will often work out the number of changes or modifications allowed at a certain price point, so pay attention to your contract or agreement. Adding in features such as a shorter turnaround time, texturing, lighting, modeling, and post-production work can also increase the final cost of 3D rendering services.

Guidelines for the cost of 3D rendering

Unfortunately, there is not a set price point or range for 3D rendering. Final costs can range from $100 to more than $10,000 based on the work involved, the level of quality, and many other factors. Complete 3D renders of entire buildings, including animation work, can cost around $7,000 or more. A more modest render of a single room may cost around $300 or more. Prices will also vary by location, project type, and file output.

If you are looking to budget for 3D rendering work, keep the following guidelines in mind. While there are not standard pricing options for this industry, there are commonalities among 3D render agencies and freelancers.