Landscape 3D RenderingLandscape 3D Rendering

3D visualization is used in landscape modeling to create images of projects so that clients, designers, and other interested parties can better understand how the finished product will look. First, it is created on basic 2D designer drawings or a photo of the space to be designed. Then our specialist transfers everything to special programs with the possibility of making changes, corrections, or adding new details.

Empire Render використовує digital and marketing tools для створення 3d visualization

There are several different ways to provide a landscape rendering service. One standard method is computer software used to create a virtual model of the space. The next one is the aerial photograph use. These photos can be taken from different corners and then stitched together to create a 3D image. Another popular method is the use of topographic maps. These maps provide a detailed overview of the land, including characteristics such as elevation and vegetation. So a highly accurate 3D landscape model can be created by combining these maps with other data, such as satellite images.

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