The Interior Design Trend for 2020

With 2020 right around the corner, new trends are also on the way. Whether you are looking for a new style or starting fresh, incorporating popular design trends and styles is an excellent way to shake up your room or space. If you are looking for interior design trends for 2020, keep reading to learn more about what is coming in the new year.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors is not a new trend, but it is going to be big for 2020 as well. The classic meets modern vibe of neutral colors offer a serene design style that can work in any home. Neutrals are far from plain or boring. Grays or beige offer warm neutrals that elevate your space.

These colors are not just a great option for the paint on your walls. They are also an excellent choice for your furniture. Neutral colors for your larger furniture pieces like couches or chairs can provide a clean palette for a room. If you want to incorporate a focal point or design feature, a neutral palette will allow your main feature to shine.


The trend of geometric patterns has been steadily increasing and it will reach a new height in 2020. Expect to see these patterns everywhere. You will find geometric shapes on walls and flooring, furniture, décor items, and so much more. Don’t let the abundance of geometric patterns overwhelm you though. You can get in on this trend without going overboard.

Balance will be crucial if you want to incorporate this trend into your home. Geometric patterns make a statement, so be minimal in your usage of this bold trend. Decide where you want to use geometrics in your home or pick a focal piece. Utilize neutral colors and patterns to balance out the rest of your room.

Mixed Metals

Metal will make an appearance in 2020 without being overstated or gaudy. Incorporate a tin panel into your kitchen backsplash for a rustic, country home look and feel. Look for silver or goal accents on your sofa or chair to elevate any room. A copper or bronze table adds luxury to your space while remaining durable.

When mixing metals, limit yourself to about three metals per space. Incorporating too many metals into a single room can quickly become busy or overwhelming. Just like the geometric pattern’s trend, this trend is all about finding the right balance.

Green Accents

For 2020, green will be a common feature in many interior designs. The fresh color provides a warm and inviting tone to any room even when it is used sparingly. The succulent trend during the last couple of years may be on the way out, but it brought a deep appreciation for the color green.

From olive lamp shades to rich snake print fabrics, you can incorporate green into your space in a variety of ways. The options are truly endless thanks to the wide range of greens that can be used in décor items, paint, flooring, and large furniture pieces. Elevate your use of green by incorporating a leaf pattern or mixing in floral accents.