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Photomontage is a technique of producing an image by cutting, pasting or overlapping two or more images together. Combining a real photo and a 3D image creates an ultra-realistic scene. It is often used to present a new design/build to an existing location. Check out the before and after images below to understand how useful this is. 

Whitehall project

station project

manchester project


We suggest clients leave as much time as possible for a project to allow for a full 3 rounds of revisions.

In most cases, you just need an architectural plan to allow us to get the exact dimensions of the walls material list & thematic directions to accurately show you photorealistic images of the new design.

The best thing with interior renderings is to analyse how your designs work in a real-time environment. you can experiment with different colours, textures, materials, designs, and more such changes to compare designs without constructing real-life prototypes, thus saving expenses.

This isn’t super important. Projects which do not have architectural plans can still have architectural 3D renders created.

In many situations, you need to spend according to the quality of creating a comprehensive architectural rendering package.

Architectural Photomontage

In addition to creating a product from scratch, the Empire Render team is engaged in architectural photomontage. That is, by creating a composite photo image by cutting and combining elements of different photos. This is done using a bitmap, vector-graphics editor, and other image editing software. As a result, the finished image allows you to visually and realistically demonstrate the design of the house or apartment even before its implementation.

Using digital and marketing tools to create photo montage in architecture

Today, 3D rendering is performed in the format of video or photomontage or even in VR technologies. The finished product allows us to

  • qualitatively present the project to clients;
  • launch effective advertising of your services;
  • diversify the portfolio;
  • prepare well for contests and tenders;
  • clearly illustrate the expected work result for contractors.

Empire Render has been studying the market and people’s needs in the field of graphic design for 10 years. Three-dimensional interior graphics are a frequent request of business owners. After all, the presence of 3d rendering of a specific product makes it possible to present it to future investors or buyers most qualitatively and positively.

An excellent level of expertise allows us to be on top and always ready for absolutely any task. The mission of the Empire Render agency team is to create amazing stories, even with a single subject, to capture attention and fall in love with the right frame. We offer loyal 3D render prices based on the volume of work, additional requirements, and wishes. We will be glad to cooperate.